Since our inception in 1995 we have provided advocacy and national leadership for all student boarding services.  Going forward, Indigenous Education & Boarding Australia will focus on policies, practices, systems and innovation from across the nation to communicate, educate, inspire and influence the work of others in supporting Indigenous student education and boarding.  In more than 20 years, Boarding Australia has:

  • Presented conferences and an annual National Symposium for leaders in Indigenous education and boarding.
  • Presented annual training forums in a variety of locations throughout Australia.
  • Delivered projects focused on quality improvement and standards, community engagement and research.
  • Acted as a link between boarding providers in order to pass on information and share good practice.
  • Produced regular newsletters that provide relevant and quality information to boarding staff and organisations.
  • Provided a source of quality information, advice and resources pertaining to boarding providers and the care of young people, particularly those from remote areas and Indigenous students.
  • Maintained resources in order to provide an information and help-line service for staff and management of hostels.
  • Advertised for staff on behalf of individual boarding providers.
  • Made representations to the Federal Government to acquire funding for the Association and boarding providers.

Our vision is that all Indigenous students attain educational outcomes that enable them to be successful in their future choices.

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