ABSTUDY Policy Manual April 2019

  1. Background to ABSTUDY
  2. Setting Fees & ABSTUDY-Boarding Schools
  3. Setting Fees & ABSTUDY-stand alone Boarding Providers
  4. Tax File Number
  5. Post-secondary study
  6. Travel Overview
  7. Travel start and end study period
  8. Travel during the year
  9. Safe travel plan guidelines
  10. ABSTUDY Scholarships – Getting a scholarship approved for ABSTUDY purposes
  11. TFN Application
In 2018 the Study Away Review recommended ‘reducing the complexity of ABSTUDY administration’.

Lets face it ABSTUDY is complex. However, the more you know about ABSTUDY the better the outcomes for Indigenous students, their parents and you will provide better support your staff.

This workshops will help you develop a better understanding of ABSTUDY systems, implement good ABSTUDY practices and develop the knowledge to receive your maximum ABSTUDY entitlements.

These workshops are a must attend event for all boarding schools and residences receiving ABSTUDY payments to support their Indigenous boarding students. By improving your internal systems for managing ABSTUDY boarding schools and residences will be better able to ensure that funding is effectively utilised and improve the outcomes of boarding students from Indigenous families.

Program overview – Tuesday 19 May 2020

9.30 am

Welcome – Introductions


ABSTUDY overview


Setting Fees Enrolling students & applying for ABSTUDY

10.45 am


11.00 am

ABSTUDY Travel overview and good practice

12.30 pm


1.15 pm



Post-Secondary Study

3.00 pm

Workshop Close

Lunch will be provided. A great time to network.

Supported by the Independent Schools Queensland

Workshop Registrations

9.30am to 3.00pm

Cost $200 (inc GST).

Registrations include workbooks, resources, lunch and morning tea.

Spaces are limited. A waiting list will be available if numbers exceed capacity. 


ABSTUDY workshops have been held regionally throughout Australia during 2019 to help boarding schools and residences develop a better understanding of ABSTUDY systems, ABSTUDY 2018 Budget measures, including Safe Travel Plans, and develop the knowledge and skill necessary to receive full ABSTUDY entitlements.

The 2019 Workshops help the schools attending identify around $2,000,000 in ABSTUDY payments they weren’t collecting. The workshops also resulted in better use of the new ABSTUDY travel provisions and parent engagement. Additionally many schools are now offering scholarships to Indigenous students that will trigger ABSTUDY payments. 

If you missed the workshops or just need a re-fresher there are a number of ABSTUDY resources available below. Tailored workshops are available for booking by contacting the CEO or calling 1300 378 416. 

All principals and deputies with leadership responsibility for Indigenous boarding, Heads of Boarding, as well as bursars, finance officers and other administrative staff with ABSTUDY responsibilities will benefit through through a better understanding of ABSTUDY and improve the outcomes of boarding students from Indigenous families.


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